Why Seeking Help For Sex Addiction Is Important

While it may sound odd to some people that have not experienced it, sex addiction is very real, and for some people, the drive is so strong that they make choices that can hurt them later in life due to their addiction. Seeking out a sex addiction counselor is the best place to start, and with some help, this addiction is treatable.

Understanding Sex Addiction

For people that battle sex addiction, the need to have physical, sexual contact is very real. These people are not looking for a relationship or any emotional bond. The need to have physical and sexual contact is what they crave, and that is sometimes through intercourse or other sexual acts that they can carry out with a partner. For some people, the need is so strong that it drives them to daily interactions with whoever they can find to participate, while for some it is bringing home someone from the bar a few times a week. In all these cases, the need to seek out someone to be with is the primary issue and can lead to choices that can be dangerous or destructive.

Dangers of Sex Addiction

Some people may say it is only sex, and if the two are consenting adults, who are they hurting. Because the sex addict only cares about the act, they often take chances and may not protect themselves or their partner during the act. The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is much higher, and often the partner for the night may not be someone they know. Many STDs can be transmitted as a result of these behaviors, and things like HIV and other deadly diseases could be the outcome. The solution is not always clear, but for anyone engaging in these kinds of acts, protecting yourself and your partner is a critical step you need to take. If the individual's sex drive takes the addict down the road to deviant behavior, the act can become criminal, and there can be victims resulting from one person's addiction. 

Seeking Help

People suffering from sexual addiction need to find a sex addiction counselor to help them. Many times therapy can help, but sometimes they need medications to help stabilize the mental and physical drive toward sexual encounters is the best solution. 

A sexual addiction counselor will assess the case for each patient that see and work with them to resolve their addictions, or at least control it, individually. A tailor-made solution is often the most effective way to help the addict get control of the addiction instead of letting the addiction control them.