Why Seeking Help For Sex Addiction Is Important

While it may sound odd to some people that have not experienced it, sex addiction is very real, and for some people, the drive is so strong that they make choices that can hurt them later in life due to their addiction. Seeking out a sex addiction counselor is the best place to start, and with some help, this addiction is treatable. Understanding Sex Addiction For people that battle sex addiction, the need to have physical, sexual contact is very real.

Seeking Therapy As The Victim Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a trauma that nobody should ever have to suffer. But unfortunately, it is quite common. If you have been the victim of sexual assault, you can greatly benefit from enrolling in therapy to work through the trauma and develop strategies for moving forward. Here are some tips to help ensure your experience in therapy is a beneficial one. 1. Seek a sex-positive therapist. Attitudes about sex are varied and often confusing.