Why Go To Marriage Therapy?

Marriage therapy is similar to individual counseling in some ways. Both forms of counseling are offered by licensed professionals with expertise in mental health care. However, marriage counseling focuses on the health of your romantic relationship, while individual counseling focuses exclusively on your personal issues. People decide to go to marriage therapy for a number of reasons. Here are three reasons to sign up for this type of therapy:

1. You are planning to get married

Marriage therapy can benefit people who have been married for years, but it can also benefit people who are planning to get married. The best time to sort out your issues with your partner is before you tie the knot. Marriage therapy sessions before your wedding can help you and your partner set goals and expectations for your marriage. Discussing important topics outright can save you from a lot of heartache down the road, as opposed to just assuming your future spouse is on the same page as you are.

2. You and your spouse fight often

Sometimes spouses fight. Fights and arguments can be part of healthy, productive relationships. However, when your relationship is full of tension more often than it isn't, you may have deeper problems to address. Constant fights can be a sign of unaddressed resentment or unmet needs. Only by unpacking these issues and communicating them properly can you and your spouse move past your chronic fights. A marriage therapist can help you and your spouse discuss your issues in calm and respectful ways. Talking about your problems with a third party present can help you keep the conversation respectful, avoiding yelling matches and name-calling that can be destructive to the overall integrity of your marriage.

3. You want to rediscover yourself as an individual after several years of marriage

Going to marriage counseling to rediscover who you are as an individual may sound counterintuitive. After all, couples counseling is conducted in sessions among you, your spouse, and your therapist. However, many people find that they sublimate their identities in their relationships. Some couples become codependent and neglect their individual lives and interests, which can result in growing feelings of unrest. Marriage therapy is a good place to untangle yourself from the cycle of codependency. You, your partner, and your therapist can work on individuation activities that can help you and your partner rediscover the things you both like about yourselves.

Contact a local family therapy clinic to sign up for marriage therapy.